The Best 10 Teas for Acne

natural acne treatment the best 10 herbal teas for acne Mar 20, 2023

Drinking tea can be an excellent natural therapy to add into your lifestyle for supporting your acne-prone skin. Drinking tea alone will not dramatically transform your skin. When dealing with acne, there are a lot of underlying root causes that need to be addressed to achieving clear skin. There are so many health benefits to receive from drinking tea! However, some herbs may have side effects. It is best to consult with your health care provider before incorporating new herbal teas into your daily routine.


1. Green Tea

  • Green tea contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties
  • Contains polyphenols which help to reduce inflammation in the body
  • Contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which are natural antioxidants to prevent cell damage. EGCG has anti-androgenic properties making it effective at reducing sebum (oil) production on the skin. Acne can be caused by high androgen hormones.
  • EGCG inhibits 5-alpha-reductase conversion of testosterone into DHT (potent form of testosterone and acne-causing hormone).
  • When applied topically to the skin, acne pimples are reduced by 75%
  • If you find caffeine too stimulating for your nervous system try decaffeinated green tea.


2. Spearmint Tea

  • Natural treatment for hormonal acne and those with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Research shows spearmint tea can significantly decrease testosterone levels. This includes reduced DHT levels - the male sex hormone that causes an over production of sebum (oil) on the skin. When there is excess sebum (oil) it can clog pores and lead to acne breakouts.
  • After 30 days, free and total testosterone levels were significantly reduced in those who drank spearmint tea. This study involved drinking spearmint tea twice a day.


3. Stinging Nettle Tea

  • Nourishing for the skin. Contains high levels of nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, B, and C. Also high in amino acids (building blocks for proteins).
  • Acts as a gentle detoxifier as it has diuretic properties to flush toxins out of the body
  • Anti-inflammatory, testosterone lowering and blood sugar lowering effects.


4. Dandelion Root Tea

  • It is full of vitamins A, B, C and D and minerals like iron and zinc.
  • Supports detoxification, cleanses the blood and removes toxins, wastes, pollutants, inflammatory by-products and hormones from the body.
  • If the liver is functioning sluggishly, then eliminating toxic compounds from the body work to find other routes of elimination. Therefore they can show up on the skin as acne.
  • Dandelion is a bitter herb which can support digestion by stimulating stomach acid, bile, and digestive enzymes. Good gut health = happy skin! 


5. Ginger Tea

  • Ginger has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits
  • Supports digestion by promoting stomach acid secretions. Low stomach acid is linked to an increased risk of having acne.
  • Ginger has antiseptic properties meaning it can banish acne causing bacteria


6. Hibiscus Tea

  • High in antioxidants like vitamin C and beta-carotene (precursor to vitamin A)
  • Reduces insulin levels and improves insulin sensitivity. Elevated blood sugar and insulin levels trigger more sebum production and inflammation, leading to clogging pores and acne.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties


7. Reishi Tea

  • Immune boosting benefits. A weakened immune system will have a harder time fighting against acne causing bacteria c. acnes.
  • Antioxidant properties to prevent damage to your skin cells.
  • Reishi can relax the nervous system. Also protects the body to become more resilient to stress.
  • Inhibits 5-alpha reductase enzyme to prevent testosterone from being converted into DHT. DHT is a potent testosterone and acne causing hormone.
  • Anti-bacterial benefits against c.acnes
  • Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.


8. Licorice Root Tea

  • Decreases testosterone levels (blood work shows reduction in total testosterone levels, effects on free testosterone are unknown).
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Licorice helps maintain healthy cortisol (stress hormone) levels because of its adrenal tonic properties. An adrenal tonic helps support healthy adrenal gland function.
  • Avoid licorice if you experience high blood pressure


9. Holy Basil Tea

  • Used commonly in Ayurvedic medicine
  • Adaptogen herb to help your body adapt to stress. Helps to calm your nervous system.
  • Reduces blood sugar and can lower cortisol levels (stress hormone). Both are key underlying triggers for acne.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • Anti-microbial properties which can reduce the activity of c.acnes (acne triggering bacteria)


10. Chamomile Tea

  • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties can calm any gut inflammation and inflammation on the skin
  • Relaxes the nervous system to calm your mind and body. Beneficial if you experience a lot of stress.
  • A mild sedative effect when taken before bed: to help induce sleep and improve overall sleep quality. Lack of sleep can affect your skin quality.
  • Chamomile can improve digestion when drank post meal.





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