3 Phase Process Working 1:1 With Dr. Julie

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Working 1:1 with Dr. Julie on your acne healing journey

The Process Working 1: 1 With Dr. Julie


The process for 1 on 1 appointments is a 3-phase process for understanding your personal health factors that need to be considered on your optimal skin health journey. We will uncover the information that you need to be proactive about your health and make the best dietary and supplement choices to achieve long standing health.


Why Take a Natural Approach to Healing Your Acne?  


Your skin is a mirror that is reflecting to you the health of your internal body. Therefore, healing acne is an inside job. Many medications commonly prescribed for acne do not address the root cause of acne. It’s a band-aid approach of only addressing the symptoms and surface level of acne. There is no judgement if you have tried acne medication for your acne, I have taken the birth control pill to help my acne – the problem was my acne came raging back once I came off the pill. The birth control pill blocks androgen receptors (the hormone responsible for acne) instead of understanding why androgen levels are elevated in the first place. Antibiotics another common acne treatment - damages your skin and gut microbiome by killing off both good and bad bacteria. This means your essential good bacteria needed for optimal skin health are damaged. You may notice temporary results in your skin, but it is usually not a long-term solution.  


Taking a natural approach to healing your acne will teach you how to heal the body from the inside out and target all the root causes triggering your acne. Remember that healing takes time. Everything In the body is so interconnected, so when one organ system is out of balance it can influence other organ systems to follow suit into disharmony. It is essential to address and uncover all of the root causes of acne for creating long-term results. Healing takes time so remember to be patient, loving and kind to yourself throughout this process.


Taking a natural approach to your health is not a quick fix. It takes action, commitment and simple habit changes in lifestyle and diet. Like anything in life, you get out of your 1:1 sessions what you put into it – the results you get are up to you. If you commit to the process and put in the work, you will see results. My job is to provide you with the tools and education necessary for you to get from where you currently are to where you want to be in terms of your skin health.

 3 Phases to 1:1 Acne Healing with Dr. Julie  



Phase 1 – Investigate & Customize


Becoming educated about your body and feeling empowered during your health journey are key tools in being proactive about your health. The more understanding and education you have about your skin and how your body functions, the more you will glow!


In your initial Naturopathic Medicine appointment with Dr. Julie, you will feel empowered to become the CEO of your own health. You will learn how your body systems are so interconnected and learn feasible action steps so that you can optimize your health. Dr. Julie will take the time to listen to your unique symptoms and ask detailed questions about your health.You’ll learn how to optimize your health habits and ensure your current health habits and supplements are actually healthy for you as an individual.


Acne is a complex inflammatory skin condition that involves multiple organ systems that need to be guided back into balance. The liver, digestive system, hormonal balance and even your thyroid will be assessed. We will work together to investigate your health for getting to the root cause of your symptoms to get your body back to functioning optimally.


Even if your blood work in the past has comes back as normal, this doesn’t mean that it’s optimal. As a naturopathic doctor we look at blood work patterns differently than what your MD might look for. Specialized functional medicine testing can give us a deeper look into your personal causes of acne. Testing takes out the guess work and leads to a better understanding of how your body is functioning. If functional testing is needed, you will be mailed the test kits so that you can complete them at home and mail them back to the lab for analysis. 


By the end of your initial naturopathic medicine appointment, you will receive: 

  • Basic diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Supplement (herbal and/or nutrient) recommendations
  • Gentle and effective recommendations for repairing your skin barrier
  • Where appropriate, functional medicine testing or lab test recommendations. Lab tests may include insulin, glucose, androgens, female sex hormones (estradiol and progesterone), inflammatory markers, liver and cholesterol, thyroid, gut bacterial testing, genetic testing (GeneRx), etc.  


*** For any supplements or functional medicine testing needed, there is an additional cost. All supplements recommended by Dr. Julie can be ordered through her online dispensary. As a thank you for working with Dr. Julie, you will receive 10% off on all your professional grade supplement orders. You can also greatly benefit from these naturopathic appointments while completing the 8-week Clear Skin Alchemy: The Natural Acne Solution program. Learn more here.


Phase 2 – Optimize & Monitor


This phase you are beginning to notice changes and benefits from your individualized plan. As test result information is reviewed and you understand the key areas that are in need of improvement – they can get corrected. You will be educated on why there was an imbalance that occurred and have a plan to prevent them from reoccurring. Maybe you are dealing with a detoxification, blood sugar or gut bacteria issue? These issues will be explored to restore balance and harmony within the body. We’ll continue to optimize your health habits in this phase. I want you to achieve your goal of healthy, glowing skin but also a healthy body internally so that you will externally radiant health on your skin. 


Phase 3 – Glow & Maintain


Adult acne can affect a women’s self-confidence and hinder her ability to put herself out into the world in social situations, dating or at work. You will likely begin to feel more confidence in your own skin at this phase in your acne healing journey. You will learn how to maintain your health for preventing future acne breakouts. You’ll be given recommendations for helping to reduce the presence of any acne scars.


Follow up appointments as needed ensure you’re on the right track with your skin and health goals. Any repeat testing that is necessary will be completed to ensure you are on the right track with your health care plan. Repeat testing is usually performed around 3-6 months.


Free Virtual 15-minute Meet and Greet


If you have any questions about how I can help you customize an individualized plan on your acne healing journey, book in for a Virtual 15-Minute Meet and Greet HERE. If you are ready to dive in and get started, then book an appointment ONLINE HERE. I am excited to be your acne healing guide and help your skin glow and radiate the health you feel inside.


I look forward to meeting you, beautiful soul!  


With love and light, 



Interested in how to heal your acne naturally? Look no further than Clear Skin Alchemy: The Natural Acne Solution. This 8-Week program will walk you through every step of the way on your acne healing journey. Feel confident, radiant and beautiful in your own skin. 

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